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Cold Bore Precision LLC is a veteran owned company with 30 years of experience in long range shooting and reloading. We strive to build the best hunting and long range target package available. We utilize the best components, equipment and accessories so you can make first round hits at ranges you didn't think were possible. If you want to shoot long range but are overwhelmed with all the options and technology, or simply don't have the time, we make it easy. If you are going on a hunt of a lifetime we will help you build a rifle, optic and accessory package specific for your needs.

We utilize only the best components for our rifles. We use custom actions from companies like Impact Precision, Terminus, Zermatt Arms and others. Recommended composite stocks are AG Composite, Manners, McMillan and there are several great options for chassis stocks also.  The best quality barrels are utilized and, at the customer’s request, can be “broken in” with 100-150 rounds to ensure the speed has stabilized. For custom ammunition, a load is developed using temperature stable powder which offers a low standard deviation and a low extreme spread. The combination of load technique and premium components ensures consistent group size at long range eliminating "flyers" that are common with factory rifles and ammunition.



We offer complete packages including rifle, riflescope, laser range finders, Kestrel Ballistic Wind Meter, bipod, tripod, hard and soft cases, shooting bags, ammunition carriers, binoculars, spotting scopes and others. 

Custom loaded ammunition is available for rifles on approval of build. We will need your rifle shipped to us to develop the best possible load. Prices start at $500 for load development and custom ammunition prices start at $4 per round depending on caliber and components used. We can program your Kestrel Ballistic Wind Meter with your rifles specification and load data, and verify the ballistic solution. When combined with an accurate rangefinder the Kestrel will give the fastest and most accurate ballistic solution, all you have to do is dial your windage and elevation.

For further information, prices or questions email   coldboreprecision@gmail.com



Prairie City, OR 97869, USA

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